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Pain posterior of the knee

Patients who come for consultation because of pain posterior of the knee. The patient has difficulty to bend the knee at the maximum and pain when walking. Investigated with MRT, X-rays that cannot find why the patient has a knee discomfort. The patient have meet several orthopedic surgeon before, which could not find the problem.

Niklas Norlén using musculoskeletal ultrasound, diagnose a soft tissue calcification that gives a pinching of the nerve fibularis.

Rami Elias orthopedic surgeon provides an injection with ultrasound imaging performed by Niklas Norlén for diagnostic purposes and treatment.

The patient became symptom free after the treatment.

If the discomfort are coming back Rami Elias can do arthroscopic surgery and remove the calcification.

Nerve Trap Movement

Nerve Trap Movement injection